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Toti's energy and enthusiasm is boundless and it has infected our kids. In their time with her they have developed a love of nature and art. Our children come home from Little Lotus excited and happy to play and learn. 


Toti has taken care of my children (6 and 3 years old) in various settings over the last three years (preschool, camp, playgroups), and we all really love her newest endeavor – Little Lotus Playgroup. The programming revolves around nature and creativity. The group goes outside every day to explore and have adventures in nature. They go on nature walks in Prospect Park, and in a nearby community garden, the kids can the see vegetables grow, help harvest them, and use the space for imaginative play. Each day, Toti offers a variety of really unique art activities that aren’t the typical cookie cutter arts and crafts but truly creative projects that kids of different ages can get excited about, e.g., making magic wands from materials found outside combined with textiles, drip and splash paintings, material collages, and, and, and… 
Toti provides a loving, calm, and safe environment for the children to play, explore and grow in. 

Leonie Weber

I trust Toti wholeheartedly with my son . We both do. We have no doubts when we drop him off in the morning;we know he is safe. She constantly keeps us informed of what happens daily. Toti is warm and caring whis is immedialtely evident upon meeting her. (for context, both of us have worked with kids for over 15 years. We trust Toti)

Rebecca and Darryl

Toti has been providing care for my son since he was 4 month as a babysitter and at 18 months I enrolled him into her playgroup. My son adores Toti and is 1000% comfortable with her. She is nurturing, patient and meets all children where they are. Her Montessori style playgroup allows children to explore their own abilities and interests while also learning from other children. Toti is always my top choice when thinking of caring for my children aside from family.



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