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Welcome to Little Lotus Daycare, where children aged 22 months to 4 years embark on a journey of play-based learning in a warm and nurturing environment. Nestled in this inviting space, our holistic approach to early childhood education encourages exploration, creativity, and discovery at each child's individual pace.

Led by Toti Little, the Director and Founder of Little Lotus, alongside Lynn, the Assistant Lead Educator, our dedicated team understands the importance of meeting every child's unique needs and interests. With over 20 years of combined experience, Toti and Lynn bring warmth, transparency, and a culturally inclusive lens to our curriculum. They are passionate about teaching children self-worth, kindness, and empathy, laying the foundation for a compassionate and inclusive community.


Little Lotus Playgroup was born 8 years ago when Toti decided to combine her passion for learning through play with her dedication to working with children. Today, our play-based curriculum provides a rich and engaging environment where children can explore, create, and discover, fostering a lifelong love of learning. Join us in nurturing your child's development and unlocking their full potential at Little Lotus Daycare.

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Children are the flowers of life; let them bloom with love and care.

African Proverb

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